Thank you for your interest my campaign! I'm honored to have the chance to win your support. I want to make it clear that I intend to produce significant returns on your investment, in the form of health care for all people, an improved job market for the currently unemployed, top-rate public education for all of our children, and an environment that will sustain us for many generations.

On this page you will find an itemized list of the campaign's expenditures and access to a database of all contributors. This information is also publicly available through the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board.

I am not accepting any donations from organizations that engage in political advocacy work. This is not because I'm against all political advocacy work. Rather, my work in Washington D.C. and St. Paul has illustrated how careful public servants have to be, both to be honest about contributions and to keep contributors at arm's length. I pledge that I will not give special treatment to any citizen simply because she or he was a contributor to this campaign. When money speaks louder than all else, small non-profits working on progressive issues simply aren't given a voice in the chorus. All people deserve the right to be represented equally, just as all causes deserve to have their arguments considered respectfully. I am committed to creating a system in which politicians are beholden to their constituents.

That's where we're going—we're not there yet. Disparity and disadvantage are endemic on every level of society, not least in political campaigns. As a young man of privilege, I benefit from personal wealth and a network of generous family friends. Make no mistake—the ability to decline donations from organizations and special interests is a luxury. That other candidates in this special election may not share similar privilege should not be counted against them.

For a full accounting of all contribuitions made to the Committee to Elect Nathan Blumenshine, including names and amounts, please follow this link to a publicly hosted Google Doc. For more information on how we're utilizing donations, please see the proposed budget and expenditures-to-date below. We'll be updating the numbers regularly, so check back often.

Again, I offer my deepest gratitude for your support of this campaign. Together, we'll bring respect back to Minnesota politics.



Line Item
Field Expenses      
  Signs 600 505.84
  Literature 3,437.54 3,437.54
  Canvass Expenses 75.13 75.13
  Food 300 0
  Polling 0 0
  Voter ID 0 35
  Miscellaenous 250 218.68
  Video 120 120
  Print 406.40 406.40
  Radio 0 0
  David Hibbard-Rode 4,000 2,505.20
  Dan Mammel 4,000 3,341.05
  Feliciana Puig 6,000 3,341.05
  State/Federal Taxes TBD 1,845
Fundraising Events      
  Event Cost/Rent 150 100.67
  Thank You/Postage 60 58.08
  Unanticipated (5%) 10.50 0
  Website 355 355
  Translator 0 0
  Phones 120 0
  Supplies 200 182.23
  Unanticipated (5%) 10 0
  Direct Mail Donations 15,000 12,662
  Internet Donations 8,500 5,677.62
  Total Revenues $23,500 $18,338.62
  Total Costs $-23,415.41 $-16,526.87
  Cash on Hand   $1,811.75


(Figures updated 10 January 2012)